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Uganda FNGS 1, Extraordinary Black Tea
Black Tea, Uganda FNGS 1 50g Tea Fresh Sack
Black Tea, Uganda FNGS 1 50g Tea Fresh Sack
Manufacturer Number: TGJ-B-60-1-1 50g TFS
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TGJ-B-60-1-1 50g TFS

Fannings are small particles of tea that have been separated from heavier and lighter particles of tea by use of a stream of air. Our Uganda FNGS 1 is a delightful and special tea that steeps rich, thick, fragrant, and flavorful.  If you enjoy Black Tea, here is one that is great quality, but will likely be different than other teas you have tried due to the grade, the place it is grown, and of course the cultivar. It is a that is distinct in its character, but quickly welcomed by those that appreciate black teas, and are looking for some quality variety in their tea enjoyment.