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After Scientifically Aging, this selection is Naturally Aged for 10 Years
Pu'er Tea, 10 Year Shou 50g Tea Fresh Sack
Pu'er Tea, 10 Year Shou 50g Tea Fresh Sack
Manufacturer Number: ETS-A-6-9-1 50g CT
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ETS-A-6-9-1 50g TFS

Naturally Aged Qing Pu'er was so sought after and expensive, that for years the Chinese were trying to find a way to make it age faster. Finally in the 1950-60's a method that today we call Scientific Aging was developed. Interestingly enough, Scientific Aging does change the tea from being freshly harvested "Green Tea" to a completely different "Dark" Tea. The result of Scientific Aging produces an Extraordinary Tea" but quite different from the Naturally Aged Qing Pu'er in aroma and flavor. What the Chinese Teamakers stumbled upon is an whole different, Delicious and Benefieial Category of Tea. This Selection is a member of our Emperor's Tribute Select Collection, and has been Naturally Aged for at least 10 years AFTER Scientific Aging.