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White Tea...& White Tea Benefits
White Tea...& White Tea Benefits

What Is White Tea ?
White Tea is tea that is un-oxidized, is made with buds, or in some cases buds & leaves which are sun dried. White Tea has a delicate veg ital aroma and flavor that becomes more distinct or apparent as we become familiar with the tea and calibrate our palate for them. White Tea is an essential part of the devoted tea drinkers routine, and should not be missed by those looking for a rewarding Artisan Tea experience that will become among your favorites...find out for your self, What is White Tea ?

White Tea Benefits -White Tea Is a refreshing and most pleasant beverage that the Chinese say has an ability to reduce ones core temperature, while providing a plentiful portion of Antioxidants. The most famous White Tea types are Silver Needles, White Peony, or Shou Mei...try White Tea, and experience White Tea Benefits.
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