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Our work at Savvy Tea Gourmet is in understanding what tea can do for our customers, understanding the differences and advantages of regionally famous teas from around the world, and bringing them to our customers.

We consider ourselves students of tea, and educated purveyors focused on the needs of our customers, and of the well-being of our growers, our team and the environment.

To that end, Savvy Tea Gourmet offers an extensive array of tea types for your drinking enjoyment and health.

Drink Great Tea Quality Distinction

Please explore our tea types to find teas that are quality representations from the regions they are famous from.

Leaf Shaping

Western countries refer to black tea as what is called in China and some other eastern countries as "Hong Cha?, or "Red Tea, based on the red color of the tea broth rather than the black leaf color.
Black Tea in China and other eastern countries is referred to as Dark Tea.