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Savvy Tea Gourmet, Blended Tea, Flavored Tea , Fruit Tea , Flower Tea

Blended Teas, Flavored Teas , Fruit Teas or Flower Teas...The Savvy Tea Gourmet Collection!

Our Savvy Tea Gourmet Collection is comprised of an extensive grouping of Blended Tea, Flavored Tea , Fruit Tea , and Flower Tea . If you enjoy the goodness of teas that complement each other, or that are combined with a little something to make them interesting, our Flavored Tea , Fruit Tea , and Flower Tea will be right up your alley.

If It's Fruit Tea you like, we've created combinations that go together like Mother Nature intended them to be that way...like our Hibiscus Peach Black Flavored Tea , or South Sea Mango Green Flavored Tea .

Flavored Tea...Iced

Don't forget ICED Flavored Tea ! At Savvy Tea we fresh-brew Flavored Tea every day and Ice it to the delight of our customers!  Now you can do it at home too! Add some fresh fruit for a unique and refreshing Savvy Tea experience!